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Read Glittery Kiki's review of Asian Fuck Machines. Only at XRentDVD
Asian Fuck Machines
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REVIEWED BY: Glittery Kiki
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
STUDIO: Jules Jordan Video
PERFORMERS: Kalina Ryu, Morgan Lee, Saya Song, Annie Cruz and Kaylani Lei
DIRECTED BY: Jonni Darkko
Release Date: May 13, 2016
Legendary gonzo director Jonni Darkko busts out of the gate with his first brand new movie with Jules Jordan Video! Asian Fuck Machines is almost 5 hours of intense, hardcore annihilation of the hottest Asian porn stars today! Saya Song is tattooed and screwed and cover girl Kalina Ryu makes getting fucked hard look easy. Morgan Lee gets a cock-knock on her backdoor and there's not one but double penetration scenes, courtesy of top shelf sluts Annie Cruz and Kaylani Lei. This is an epic two disc set of insane fuck sessions hot off the presses for your sweet and spicy enjoyment.

This is Jonni Darkko's directorial debut for Jules Jordan Video. These two very well-known contributors to the porn community coming together can only create perfection! The film is a 4 hours and 47 minute string of dynamic intense sexual action, including a massive amount of fingers, tongues and cocks penetrating butt holes, dirty kitties being punished and spunky creampies. Featuring the best of the best in Asian: Saya Song, Annie Cruz, Kalina Ryu, Kaylani Lei and Morgan Lee. And don’t forget Annie Cruz and Kaylani Lei are both part of some fucking fetishly fantastical DP frenzy. Warning: You must have an amazing sexual appetite to withstand this film!

Scene 1: Saya Song and Jonni Darkko
Scene 2: Morgan Lee and Markus Dupree
Scene 3: Kalina Ryu and Mick Blue
Scene 4: Kalina Ryu and Jonni Darkko
Scene 5: Annie Cruz, John Strong and Markus Dupree
Scene 6: Kaylani Lei, John Strong and Markus Dupree
Overall Impression

Scene 1 - Saya Song and Jonni Darkko
Saya Song rolls around on a white blanket looking like a cute little baby panda; innocent and sweet. As she continues to look so fragile that any man's heart would melt but the trick is on us as she shows us a simple glimpses of her tiny twat. Using her fingers, she spreads her cunt flaps wide for the audience; she boldly flicks the bean and spreads her holes wide until everything is gushing out wet pussy juices. She abducts the wetness from its natural home and places it upon a white whale of a cock that had appeared in front of her. She glides her hands down the shaft making it sticky and sweet. Song says ‘I can’t wait for you to put it in my tiny little Asian pussy.’ But first she must prepare it! She licks the tip of his fat cock, sucking hard to intensify his pleasure. Nibbling at the top of the shaft and tip until it’s almost too good to handle. She, then, rolls back with her ass-up in the air as an open invitation. He plummets his cock downward into her tiny cavern. After a few quick jerks he sloppily spraying lube on her cunt and asshole gets her excited to touch herself even more. She pushes the lube inside her pussy and asshole with her tiny delicate fingers playing each hole as it is a vital part in the game of pleasure. Song asking for his big white sausage back in her tiny Asian hole. The scene cuts and we finally see the male counterpart who is significantly older. Daddy’s big white cock is fucking her little Asian pussy from behind. He makes it all wet and messy and now she’s going to have to use her mouth as a trash can for both their lube and juices. How much lube will she eat? Seeing as every time his cock plows into her pussy their bodies slaps against each other, and juices mixed with lube to create bubble of slime against their bodies, a lot. She becomes a massive dumpster of sex juices. The continuously fuck in between bouts of feeding her the mixture from her pussy to her mouth.
Scene 1 Rating:
With a touch of innocence this Korean pussy queen knows how to trick and treat her viewers. It’s surprising how naughty and nasty she gets in the scene as it moves forward. Not to mention the positions and scene changes were limited, and the male counterpart was primarily visually absent asides from hands, arms and penis, so all we have to rely on is how good this actress is and she hits the spot. Flags are raised for her tiny Asian pussy!
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Scene 2 - Morgan Lee and Markus Dupree
An attractive European/Asian goddess sits in front of us; lips and eyes smiling. She’s a tantalizing tease, her body talks without her moving. Her eyes taunt that she knows something we don’t. Spreading her legs, she twerks her ass bouncing it up and down. She fingers make it to the entryway of her cunt, pressing her ass towards the camera teasing evermore. She caresses her thighs, moving past lace onto her caramel colored skin. She plays with her asshole after slowly bringing her panties down. The tease cuts and moves into an even better one. Pink glitter falls as she slow-motion teases her viewers, the pines of want become even stronger with every beat of sound matching the pace of her movement. The Glitter falls and she picks it up only to blow a sensual kiss at the audience. When she lifts her body it happens to be in all the cracks and crevices. She bounces shaking the glittery off her ass, and making true fitness goddess body art. The scene cuts again and she sits with a young white man on a leopard print blanket while she wraps and smacks her lips around a large pink popsicle you realize this popsicle is also going to be a dildo. The man in the scene lays her down on the a white couch and fingers her roughly right away. In minutes she squirts. He feeds her the juices from her squirt and pushes the popsicle inside her asshole. He again feeds her, this time it’s the anal popsicle. He puts the handle in his mouth pushing the ass juice side into her mouth. She eats it, gladly, and he moves his mouth down to brown town. His tongue is not bound by the meat curtains of her closed asshole instead he spreads and dives deeply in, consuming every inch of her asshole. He bends her over and waddles the popsicle between her buttocks. He inches in and indulges himself in the act of impaling her asshole. He continuously ATM (ass to mouth) her until her asshole is open and ready to receive. She inhales his chody meat before her asshole swallows the same thick sausage. She lays on her back and bends-over for two very different means of anal penetration. After a show of how gaping this asshole has gotten, he with ease pushes his tongue inside it. He cannot resist the urge, he grabs her so hard his fingerprints are imprinted in her ass, while he pushes her up and the buggery continues against the wall. The energy continues when she hoover vacuums his cock and licks it even better than the lollipop she had before. She deep throat as if she’s bobbing for apples and latched onto the prized piece gushing out slobber just to hang on. She back down on durbing as she traps his cock between her thighs as they scissor fuck. Her strength show when she squeeze his dick with her ass then once he is ready to blow a load, she turns around squealing for him cum in her ass. He blows the load deep inside and digs it out with her pink popsicle, feeding asshole juice and cum from the tip of her popsicle.
Scene 2 Rating:
This is literally a powerhouse pumping fuck fest. She is gorgeous and most definitely can get any man or woman off just by playing with herself. The tease is fantastic, knocked my socks off!!! This scene was def a great choice in cast as well as a great choice on the part of the director as again this is a minimal scene but filled with enormous amounts of entertainment and a lot of reliance on the female star to put-out. Morgan Lee is fantastic!
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Scene 3 - Kalina Ryu and Mick Blue
Kalina Ryu begins with her legs fully spread apart ready for some action. She giggles and squeals with delight while she pulls her lingerie off slowly but surely. Making sure we see every inch of her body, viewers must pay close attention to this stunning lady. She caresses herself shortly before getting some down and dirty self love in. She fits three of her own fingers inside her twat right away pushing them deep inside her hole, enough to make her gape just a little bit. You can tell she’s ready to please the audience! She reaches around her hand only to plays with her asshole at the same time. Mick Blue enters the scene and they begin fondling each other in front of a mirror. The mirror brings a unique double take to this sexcapade. He kneels down to tongue her ass hole and pushes her against the mirror. We get a double view both of the front and back of her as he rams his girthy cock inside her tiny Asian twat. Her expression of excitement is key (must see) when we watch him smash his cock in from behind. But this isn’t even the best part. If you’re into kinky, get ready Blue looks as if he is literally skull fucking her when his cock inches down her throat and her slobber spills out everywhere. He once he again rams himself inside her pussy but not before shoving a load of lube into her already gaping hole. Out of nowhere appears a large black dildo that Blue uses to double penetrate her gaping cunt. She pulls the black monster out shortly after. Ryu gets up and eat Blue asshole and shares her gobs of slobber between his balls and the black monster dildo she holds in her right hand. Blue changes the pace by sitting her on top of his cock and pushes the monster black dildo into her twat while he fucks the same hole with his cock, creating another massive gaper to show audience. They move to the sixty-nine position and he crosses her legs over the back of her head while she blows him. She chokes and her head stays latched to his cock longer than it should as she is not able to lift it until Blue gives back that power. He crams his fatty cock inside her cunt and chokes her while he penetrates her pussy as if he is drilling to the core of the earth. You think you’re going to get a cream pie the way he’s moving but he pulls out and leaks cums all over her face.
Scene 3 Rating:
Fantastic scene. This is another great scene with minimal distractions. This starts off with a fantastic tease then leads into her fucking Mick Blue, an actor we all know and love. So Mick Blue is a main contributor to the hardcore aspect of this scene which I personally enjoyed. However, the half star is because near the ending I found that grabbing the black dildo while Mick Blue was fucking her was distracting. I thought: what is going on over here while I wanted to be just watching Ryu and Blue fuck or seeing the monster black cock go back inside of her twat. Then she didn’t really do much with it so I had a let down.
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Scene 4 - Kalina Ryu and Jonni Darkko
Kalina Ryu’s Red tipped pointed nails ride up her leg, straight into her twat, four at once this time and by that I mean four fingers straight into her gaper. She touches herself for the audience. Ryo goes bonkers consuming Darkko’s ivory pole as he places a dildo inside her. He separate her cunt flaps, inserting a fat black dildo and pumping it up with the squeeze dial. Obviously, the pump helps so that she can gape her way to the top! After she ingest just enough of his cock Darkko takes the spit all over her mouth and puts it into her gaping abyss of a hole. They have a short raunchy bout of DVP before he fucks her with four fingers while kneeling over her face and getting a handy BJ. Double the pleasure is the way to go in this scene as again they DVP. Her hole is so big at this point that Darkko puts the entire bottle of lube in her twat and it sits there for a minute while he fingers her asshole. He pulls it out but the real question is: would it have sunk in?!? She shows off her endless gaper without the lube bottle. He jams his cock in again with the addition of the pump-do for another round of DVP.
Scene 4 Rating:
I am confused. Is this a run off of scene 3? Why would you put Kalina Ryu twice in a row. I don’t think this scene was better than the last for that only reason. If it was somewhere else in the sequence I would have enjoyed it more but I wasn’t sure if I was culturally racist or if that was the same Asian. The fact of the matter is that when you go from jizz in the face to a strip tease that is a new scene. I questioned if the film skipped. The sex was also so-so compared to the last scene with Mick Blue, so moving the scene would have again been more effective. I don’t want a hardcore then a less hardcore with the same girl. That’s like beginning with a cream pie and then moving onto some oral. No thanks.
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Scene 5 - Annie Cruz, John Strong and Markus Dupree
Punk Rock Asian chick, anyone? Annie Cruz teases us with the jiggle of her bodacious butt above her red and leopard print panties. She must be rebellious from the other scenes because she stands when she give us a view of her open face twat. Oh snap! The tease cuts purely to a dick in her ass and a dick in her mouth. Wait to be frank! Markus Dupree and John Strong are going at it! She is automatically the Chinese finger trap for two white donkey dicks. The ring on her pussy lips helps to create a backwards triangle target for each girthy cock’s aim of penetration. No man is left behind when they switch back and forth to her low moans and orgasms. They show her gaping hole while stuffing her mouth with two fatty sausages. When they DAP her, they pull out fast to show the pink of her raw anus. By pushing back inside her, she is forced to cums, pushing one out. They gradually gravitate to her pussy and she juices like a rocket with one long stream shooting into the air. The scene cuts to her licking ones cock right before she is DP'd. She swallows both cocks at once leaving no room to breath then takes it again in ass and pussy at the same time. The ass man pops his dick in and out a few times and her moans are outrageous and delightful. They finger her cavernous asshole before they take turns fucking it. After two loads push out of her asshole, they feed the seed to her in a spoon.
Scene 5 Rating:
This is literally DAP, and AP all day or at least a lot of it! It’s pretty awesome and gets even better when they both cum in her asshole and spoon feed it back to her. This is a great scene for anal penetration loves. Do not miss this is if you love ass!
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Scene 6 - Kaylani Lei, John Strong and Markus Dupree
Kaylani Lei is surrounded by soft white walls in purple lingerie. Her nipples are hard and full of metal. Her tongue is out teasing us. She displays her goose bump filled soft skinned ass cheeks. She rubs her ass, pulling her cheeks apart to reveal her soft dark skin interior. She turns and her dark beaver fur is visible are ready to be eaten. The scene cuts to two guys DPing her pussy right away. One guy leaves but right away he comes back in for the scoop of that sweet cunt. Lei’s juices sop all over their hard muscled cocks. They smash into her pussy from behind bend her fucking her doggy. They doubly pile drive her pussy while mid- air until there is practically no pussy left! Then they finish the job by demolishing her pussy individually, taking turns until she folds and they both jizz in her mouth simultaneously.
Scene 6 Rating:
The DP and DVP is super awesome but I’d like to see a bit more variation. I’d say if we didn’t just have the DAP then I would feel completely comfortable with this seen being the way it was, but I did get loose interest as some parts because I felt as if I had seen the exact same movement for too long.
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Glittery Kiki's Overall Impression
You’re going to want to buy this film. It’s fantastic and it’s not following popular trends. It feels fresh because it’s not entertaining black and white interracial fantasies. Jonni Darkko did a fabulous job. No Plot. Just pure sex and tease. You will thoroughly enjoy the Asian entertainment with a surprise at which scenes will have DP’s and which scenes will have creampies.
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
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