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Read Glittery Kiki's review of Anal Models. Only at XRentDVD
Anal Models
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REVIEWED BY: Glittery Kiki
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
PERFORMERS: Megan Rain, Kimberly Brix, Taylor May, Cassidy Klein, Manuel Ferrara, Mick Blue and Chris Strokes
DIRECTED BY: Greg Lansky
Release Date: October 16, 2015
Starring Megan Rain! Tushy is proud to present its new series, 'Anal Models,' captured by award-winning director Greg Lansky. Cover girl Megan Rain shows she's not so innocent in her fierce anal adventures. Join youthful Kimberly Brix as she loses her anal virginity. Beautiful Cassidy Klein delivers a passionate performance and newcomer Taylor May is driven to anal ecstasy. Each scene in 'Anal Models' is cinematically shot in prestigious settings. We at TUSHY are all about quality! You will see high-end production values and exceptional attention to detail that you will not find anywhere else.

So far from what I’ve seen of Tushy, this studio tends to produce porn pictures with the generally feelings of tender, soft, and loving. However, Manuel Ferrara is casted and he is anything but tender and soft. Ferrara usually gives a fierce, domination performance. That being said I expect spectacular and intense anal sessions with the appearance of delicate but beautiful models.

Scene 1: Megan Rain and Manuel Ferrara
Scene 2: Kimberly Brix and Manuel Ferrara
Scene 3: Taylor May and Mick Blue
Scene 4: Cassidy Klein and Chris Strokes
Overall Impression

Scene 1 - Megan Rain and Manuel Ferrara
Megan Rain plays a younger girl who had gotten into a fight with her boyfriend. She decided to get out of her apartment and get some fresh hair. Sitting on the steps leading up to an older man’s, Manuel Ferrara’s, apartment pretty much waiting for him to get home. Manuel Ferrara walks up to her in a casual business suite and asks her what is wrong. She explains and he leads her upstairs to his place where he insists she will feel better. After her supple lips press against the wine glass Ferrara gives her. He tells Megan that he needs a man like him who understands what she needs. He presses her hand against her dick and in the moments that she’s unsure he tells her to tell him she wants this... and she does. Her dress is pushed around her waist and before long shes gagging on a dick almost the size of her face! Mass amounts of slobber drip down her face and Ferrara’s cock. They both lay on the couch and he rubs her clit while penetrating deep inside her twat. He smashes his fat cock into her tiny little twat and she says give it to me better than my boyfriend does! That entices him to pile drive her pussy into submission. And when he is done with her kitty he goes backdoor to explore a whole new hole! He rubs on his clit again and she screams oh my god my little asshole! He sits her up, lays back and bouches her on his cock cowgirl style. They move on to a really great doggystyle session. Megan gets on her knees and Ferrara squirts a load out all over her face.
Scene 1 Rating:
In the beginning what is going on with Ferrara’s shirt. Is a button missing? It’s distracting. The story line wasn’t anything special, either! Actually, I felt as if it took away from the rest of the scene. However, Manuel Ferrara and Megan Rain did an awesome job. It was a great started to get me hot and bothered for the next scene.
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Scene 2 - Kimberly Brix and Manuel Ferrara
Kimberly Brix tells Manuel Ferrara while being dropped off from a car “out of all the drivers my dad uses he’s definitely my favorite.” He gets the door and she walks in. The camera pan as time passes and we see her laying lingerie on her couch. She calls her drive into the house to help her with something but her motives are definitely not pure! She’s waiting for him spread eagle! At first he is confused and then she seduces him into fingering her twat and kissing her sensually. He eats her pussy and teaches her how to suck his cock; slowly pushing it in and out of her mouth and deeper and deeper into her throat. Moving then to penetrate her twat on the couch he slowly and sensually does it again. He speaks softly to her while he pushes in and out. He moves to her ass. Asking her to tell him this is the first dick in her ass. He calls her asshole pretty while spitting on his cock and pushing in harder. He eats her asshole out while she’s in doggystyle and then jets his thick shlong into her ass. He tells her to take the big dick in there and she does. Then like the last scene he squirts out a load on her face.
Scene 2 Rating:
Everything was great. Even the plot in this one! I loved how Manuel Ferrara quietly talked to her at some points and the cinematography was great. His shirt def looked better in this scene. Kimberly Brix was as hot as ever and I love her seductive tone in the car ride part of the scene. I thought the spread eagle waiting portion was a little funny but still great. The only I wasn’t in love with was Kimberly Brix talking during the scene. I rather just hear her money and maybe talk if it can sound more sincere.
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Scene 3 - Taylor May and Mick Blue
Mick Blue, well dressed, walks up the stairs talking to someone on the phone. That someone his the beautiful Taylor May. She’s at first undressing and teasing but then winds up in with black fabric sleeves on. She plays with fabric ties coming off of them. Mick Blue enters only to blindfold her. She can see no more but Mick Blue guides her as she calls him Sir. ‘You’ve been a bad girl’ he says. He lays her along his lab spanking and grabbing at her supple ass. Blue sits her down on her knees for her to lap at his balls and suck his uncircumcised cock. He takes her to a futon bed with a towel or blanket laying on it. Pulling off the lingerie and mask, he seems to penetrate her mind and soul while actually penetrating her body. After a few positions her ass cheeks spread and Mick Blue sensually penetrates her tiny hole. He goes in deep and pounds harder as time goes on. Almost busting a load in her ass, he pulls out and moves to her face shooting out thick bursts of cum.
Scene 3 Rating:
I love it when she calls him sir and the whole very very bad girl thing. This is actually a great start to the scene. Moving throughout the scene it flows really well. She moans as if she is getting fucked, something that seems to be uncommon in many scenes I have been reviewing. The chemistry between both actors is great. Both did a fabulous job. It could only be more fabulous if he busted a nut in her ass.
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Scene 4 - Cassidy Klein and Chris Strokes
Cassidy Klein and Chris Strokes play a couple that are on their two month anniversary. Cassidy surprises Chris by saying he can stick it in her ass, and not just that, in the her ass in the kitchen! She says ‘I’ve been training my butthole. Look what I can do with it’ and makes her brown eye wink! He touches her and she gets goosebumps. After caressing her with his hands he can’t resist sticking his tongue in her asshole. Chris plays with it and fingers it for over a few minutes, giving great pleasure to his lover before she insists on sucking his cock. After a quick blow job, he leans her down on her back softly and pushes his cock into her tight pussy. His penis pops in and out like a gopher until it happens to pop out and slowly submerge itself in her, even tighter, butthole. Everytime his cock pulls out of her ass it gapes open waiting for more.
Scene 4 Rating:
Solid plot line. Pretty funny! I don’t believe the part she plays as the girlfriend who hates ana or never does it, but that’s not a bad thing. Girls got skills with her butthole! Both have great chemistry between both of them!
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Glittery Kiki's Overall Impression
I’d say with Scene 3 and Scene 4 this is a buy but rent it first if you’ve never seen Tushy! If you are a fan of Tushy I suggest buying it. It’s just as good as our top selling pieces from Tushy if not better! Not being a fan of the softness used in the studio’s previously reviewed films. I actually took a liking to this piece and would rent it again.
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
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