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Read Glittery Kiki's review of Altar of Aphrodite. Only at XRentDVD
Altar of Aphrodite
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REVIEWED BY: Glittery Kiki
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
STUDIO: Porn Fidelity
PERFORMERS: Angela White, Chanel Preston, Aiden Starr, Chad White, Flash Brown, Ryan Ryder and Codey Steele
DIRECTED BY: Ryan Madison
Release Date: June 23, 2017
Starring Angela White! When disgraced journalist turned conspiracy blogger Angela White's friend (Chanel Preston) winds up missing, she races against the clock to find her. Facing the moral conflicts of going undercover with P.I. Mr. Ryder to infiltrate a dangerous underground sex cult. The AoA targets sexually repressed men and women with the false promise of sexual liberation...

Altar Of Aphrodite is a steamy, suspenseful movie starring the mega performers: Angela White, Chanel Preston, and Aiden Starr. Much like Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut,” Ryan Madison’s AoA promotes attention to detail and symbolism that gives the movie an entirely other dimension! It’s the likeness of “Eyes wide shut” meets porn! And Includes the voyeuristic experience showing hot sex scene you always wanted! Watch these busty beautiful women give into their basic, primal and almost animalistic behavior. Expect animal masks fetishes, plot twists, sexually heightened masses, and clandestine sexual experiences.

Scene 1: Chanel Preston & Chad White
Scene 2: Aiden Starr & Codey Steele
Scene 3: Angela White & Ryan Ryder
Scene 4: Angela White, Chad White & Flash Brown
Overall Impression

Scene 1 - Chanel Preston & Chad White
Chanel Preston writes an email to Angela White expressing her search for new found sexual liberties. Chanel has found a elusive secret society of people who promote sexual liberation and can help people to live out their greatest sexual fantasies without judgement. Chanel finally got in but is uneasy and writes Angela incase something occurs. The arrival of Chanel give way to a pathological mind fuck as well as a emancipating hardcore fornication and fellatio session. The ceremony begins with people in creepy animal masks restraint by a window. They express what they want her to do while grabbing at the window, wanting her. Chad White enters the claustrophobic room and her sexual normalcy is surpassed from fucking in tight spaces while others watch, fucking while walking, fucking in the shower, fucking in several exotic positions and fucking against a mirror and breaking it. Chad finishes deep inside her tight pussy and lets the cum spill out of it but not all is lost. Her freshly cum filled pussy doesn’t stop pulsating until she faps out an orgasms! Is she truly worthy of being part of this ancient order? I think so!
Scene 1 Rating:
Phenomenal scene!!! In the 46 minutes of scene I could not have asked for more! This scene isn’t the boring tied up bondage fetish most people expect but a rough hardcore psychological fetish. The first scene even has a creampie! I also want to say the creepy masked people were really excellent. In some cultures, masks are used during ceremonies to portray a transformation or to mark an important milestone but in recent times, masks have been used to symbolize for sexual neurosis. I think these mask relatably express the idea of cult, ceremony, danger and sexual liberation all of which I expect to see in the Altar of Aphrodite.
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Scene 2 - Aiden Starr & Codey Steele
It seems as if Chanel Preston has been chloroformed. After trying to contact Chanel several times, Angela White receives an email “please help... no cops!” She contacts P.I. Ryder, someone she is familiar with, and Ryder tells her a story of the AoA. He had a client whose wife had gone missing. Aiden Starr, the wife, shows up out of the blue with just enough time to tell P.I. Ryder about her experience before disappears again. There was a church in the middle of nowhere. She wanted to be a dom. She sat on his face, while masked people watched. She fails at domination and the guy, Codey Steele, takes advantage of that throat fucking her and riding her however he liked. She gags and slobbers all over his dick, like a cheating wife hungry for new meat and he rides her naughty cunt until he busts a load in her face. Then like Chanel she seems to have been chloroformed.
Scene 2 Rating:
This scene wasn’t as dramatic as the last but had a more lusty romance feel. I imagine that this is because it is a short story being told by the P.I. to Angela. The beautiful and busty Aiden Starr takes the cake in her acting. She’s a wife looking for more, a better sexual experience, when in reality she doesn’t know what she wants. She plays dom but is overthrown by her meaty sub and finds new pleasure, lust and excitement in being with a new partner.
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Scene 3 - Angela White & Ryan Ryder
Angela searches for the Altar Of Aphrodite. Her mission is to infiltrate the cult and save her friend. She takes pictures of herself and asked P. I. Ryder to come over. After telling him her plan, Ryder is upset and suppressed passion exerts itself. He kisses her because he cares about her still and obviously, she still has some feelings. There’s no time between their passionate kiss and the heat of her mouth wrapped around his cock! Sexual tension rears his thick head deep inside Angela’s sweet pussy and only releases in streams of cum landing straight on her wet cunt. After sex P. I. Ryder says he will be there at a distance and save her if too much time goes by.
Scene 3 Rating:
This is a passionate fuck frenzy mixed between lust and rage! Ryer has feelings for her and doesn’t want her to make silly decisions and Angela wants to save her friend. Both actor and actress play their part very well and the chemistry is phenomenal. You feel the couple love-hate romance vibe!
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Scene 4 - Angela White, Chad White & Flash Brown
Angela White joins the AoA but this time there are no masked people. Just Angela blindfolded with two massive erect cocks ready to rumble. Both Chad White and Flash Brown endlessly pound her sweet cunt, and skull fuck her throat. They use her like a chinese finger trap and she is powerless to stop them if she wants to save her friend. Once they use her hole, they shower her in vast amounts of cum and she’s knocked out. Make-up smeared and cumed face, she wakes up in where we started, in the claustrophobic room of lights. Masked people watch her and she watches them in terror.... Who are they? What will they do? Find out by watching the film!
Scene 4 Rating:
I’m not much for plot spoiling but this film was fantastic! This scene again was phenomenal and the extra added details are icing on the cake of awesomeness! It has great twists and sits on the edge of porn, horror and psychological drama. Angela White plays a key role in this film and I enjoyed the quality of work she brought to not only scene 3 and 4 but all the non-sex scenes. I’d like to add that both supporting male actors brought a likeness of energy which all together blew this scene away.
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Glittery Kiki's Overall Impression
I’m going to have to add this film to my collection and I suggest you do the same! It is fantastic; both in plot quality and steamy suspenseful sex! This film is also 4K, Shot in Ultra HD and Includes BTS & POV fluffing cam, A & Q Content, a photo gallery, a BTS Photo Gallery, and an extra scene called The Secret Porn Society with Veruca James, Kelly Madison, and Ryan Madison!
Reviewer's Overall Rating:
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