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Over 60,000 Adult DVD Movie Rentals To Choose From!
We are constantly bringing in new adult DVD movie rental titles. As many as 500 per month!!! Of course we also have many great older adult DVD movie titles that you may have missed. We try to carry as many different tastes as possible.
It's Fast and Easy...
Choose your adult DVD movies from our extensive selection of adult movie titles available and keep them for 7 days. The due date will be shown on your order when you receive it. On or before the "Mail By" date, mail the movies in the enclosed pre-addressed, pre-paid envelope and drop it in any U.S. Post Office mailbox. Watch the DVD movies when you want, as many times as you wish.
Hot New Adult DVD Movie Releases
We carry all the best new adult DVD movie releases and we usually have them on the day the studios make them available. If you want the latest of everything, online weekly rentals are the way to go! Check out our new releases!
7 Days Of Possible Viewing
With today's pace of living, often it's not convenient to view rented DVD movies within a one or two day timeframe. We give you one full week to watch whenever, and for as many times as you wish. We build in additional shipping days on top of your one-week rental period.
Affordable Price, A Great Value
Online adult DVD rental prices start at $1.49 per title per week. Prices are shown on each title page. There is no minimum for adult DVD rental orders, but there is a 10 rental disc maximum per order.
Get Rent2Own Discounts!
You automatically get discounts on the purchase of adult DVD movie titles you have rented within the past 30 days. Receive a discount whether you are purchasing a new or used DVD. You can even keep the rental copy. CLICK HERE for more information on Rent2Own.
Low-Cost Shipping Options
All weekly rental customers enjoy a low price on shipping. You have the option to ship First Class (Where most titles ship for as little as $1.99), Priority or Next Day Air, among others. Plus, receive free delivery confirmation on any rental order of 2 discs or more. CLICK HERE to view our standard shipping rates.
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How are Adult DVD movies sent to me?

All weekly rental order adult DVDs are delivered in non-descript, generic white envelopes. We offer numerous shipping methods through both the US Postal Service and FedEx during checkout of your order.

How quickly are my DVDs sent to me?

All online adult DVD rental orders received before 6:00pm PST (9:00pm EST) Monday thru Friday, Shipping via US Mail are sent out that same day. An email is sent out confirming your shipment. We try to process as many online DVD orders as possible in order for you to receive your selections quickly. Standard shipping for our DVDs is USPS first class mail, which has a delivery timeframe of 2 to 4 days. For Hawaii, Alaska, and APO addresses, please allow for additional delivery time. To ensure quick turn-around, please make sure that the address given is complete and can be found within the USPS database especially if your address is unique or confusing.

What are the standard rental shipping charges?

Weekly rentals can be sent via First Class, Priority or Next Day Air and are delivered in non-descript, generic envelopes. Priority mail is sent in a standard issue USPS priority mail envelope. First class is sent via extremely non-descript standard white envelopes. The standard shipping rates are as follows:

Rental Shipping Rates
First Class Mail
(3-4 day avg. delivery)
Single Disc$1.99
2 Discs$3.79
3-10 Discs**$7.99
Priority Mail
(2-3 day avg. delivery)
Shipping As Low As***$10.99
*** Shipping rates are determined by your postal zone
** Free Delivery Confirmation on First Class orders of three discs or more and all Priority Mail orders
* Other restrictions apply, see below to view all restrictions
Note: These shipping rates apply to RENTAL ONLY orders.

Rates on our other shipping methods offered including USPS Express mail and FedEx shipping options are dependent on the weight and destination of your order. Individual shipping rates are provided during the checkout process. Click Here to view detailed information on our shipping rates and practices.

Who pays the postage to return adult rental DVDs?

We do! We provide a postage prepaid return mailer with every order. You will not incur any additional expenses when returning DVDs to X Rent DVD.

What sort of mailing envelope do you use? Will my letter carrier know that I'm renting adult DVD movies?

Your selections are sent in a plain white envelope for all rentals. The return address on the left-hand corner shows the company as "24-7 Internet, LLC". There is no indication of what you're ordering or what is inside. Click HERE to see our discreet packaging.

What about multi-disc titles, how are they handled?

Adult movie titles which have multiple DVD discs will be shipped as a set. Each disc in a multi-disc title set will count towards the weekly rental order limit of 10 discs.

A title is created as a multi-disc when there are multiple discs in the package related to the title. XRentDVD only includes discs that are marked with the title name on them. XRentDVD does not include discs that are not video content (i.e. music) or other titles thrown in as an extra.

Do you have a secure server/connection? Is it safe to use my credit card over the internet?

Yes, we have a secure connection. Yes, it is safe to use your credit card with XRentDVD. We use Verisign as our SSL certificate issuer. If you click on the 'Verisign' graphic located on the left side of your screen, it will show our valid certificate ensuring that all personal information entered is encrypted.

I don't want anything showing that I'm renting adult DVDs. Will XRentDVD.com show up on my credit card statement?

All packages and credit card charges are done using the company name of '24-7 Internet'. There is no indication or advertising of adult material. Just another benefit of online DVD movie rental plans.

How long has X Rent DVD been in business?

We opened for business in July of 1998. We started with a small inventory of 155 titles from mostly Vivid, VCA, Metro, and Digital Playground. Most other studios weren't quite ready to jump on the DVD bandwagon just yet. Over the years we have grown to an inventory of over 25,000 titles from over 300 adult studios.

What credit cards do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Are you sure that you don't resell my very highly top secret private confidential information to a mailing list?

Yes...we're very sure that we do NOT give out your very highly top secret private confidential information to a mailing list. We may occasionally send out an email with special offers and sales but this email will be for X Rent DVD services only. There will be no other third party involvement to ensure the privacy of our customers.

I want to rent a title but the "Rent" button appears gray. Why can't I click on it?

When a button appears gray this means all the copies of that DVD are currently out of our facility and other customers are viewing them. If this is the case, please check back soon because titles are returned daily and made available as soon as they are checked back into our inventory. Once we receive a DVD back at our facility our website will reflect that it is now available. If you would like to be notified when this title has been returned simply click on the "Add To Wishlist" button underneath the gray rent button. In your wish list, please select the box to receive an email when this DVD becomes available to rent. Keep in mind this does not reserve the copy for you. It only alerts you to when the DVD has been received back to our facility.

I only want to rent adult DVDs on a weekly basis. Do I have to pay a monthly fee?

No. The only program we have that has a recurring monthly fee is our X Rent DVD Rental Plans. Customers can choose to rent DVDs weekly or buy new or used adult DVDs without incurring any monthly charges.

Does shipping time to me count against my one week DVD rental?

No. We anticipate an appropriate amount of shipping time (depending on the shipping method you choose) in addition to your one week rental period. Example: Let's say that you rent on the 1st of the month and we ship it out that same day. We assume that you will not receive it in your hands for 3 days via USPS First Class Mail (You might be located in New York City and XRentDVD is located in California). The 'clock' will not begin until the 4th of the month and due to be mailed back on the 11th. Please have the return mailer postmarked by the U.S. Post Office by the specified mail back date.

What if I keep my adult DVD movies over one week? Is there a late fee?

Yes. Late charges are billed by the week or any portion thereof at the weekly rental rate for the overdue DVD. This will continue until the total rental charges equal the selling price of the DVD. After this occurs it's yours to keep. Those people intending to keep a rental DVD title should use our Rent2Own Keep-It program to receive the best possible price and to avoid late fees. The return date is defined by the date of the USPS postmark as it appears on the return envelope. Those utilizing the Rental Plans have no late fees.

What is the maximum number of adult DVDs for a weekly rental order?

Due to limitations of our weekly adult rental packaging, you can rent 10 DVDs per rental order. You can include any number of new and used adult DVD purchases with your rentals.

How do I report a delayed or missing order?

You can report delayed or missing orders on the Shipping Problem page. The system will automatically make the necessary adjustments to your account.

What if one of my adult rental DVDs is damaged or will not play properly?

You can report these problems on the Problem Rental Title page. The system will automatically issue a free adult rental coupon for the problem disc and you can view it on a future order. Please report these problems prior to returning your order so that we catch them on the way in and the DVD does not go out to another customer unnoticed. If we received the DVD back from you without any mention you had problems with it, we assume the DVD worked well and your experience was a good one.

I live outside the United States. Can I rent adult DVDs from XRentDVD?

No. Unfortunately because all of our rental programs including X Rent DVD Rental Plans and our weekly rentals are returned via the U.S. Postal Service we can not extend this service to customers living outside the United States. International customers may still purchase new or used adult DVDs from X Rent DVD provided their country is on our approved list.