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Choose from Over 9,500 Gay DVDs
Unlimited DVD Exchanges
Hot New Releases
No Due Dates and No Late Fees
Free Shipping
Cancel Anytime
Access To Over 59,000 Total Titles

Premium Gay Lite... $29.99/Mo
2 DVDs out at a time

Premium Gay Standard... $39.99/Mo
3 DVDs out at a time

Premium Gay Plus... $59.99/Mo
5 DVDs out at a time

Premium Gay Ultimate... $89.99/Mo
8 DVDs out at a time

Here is the fine print when it comes to the XRentDVD Premium Gay program:
  • XRentDVD is not responsible for U.S. Postal Service delays. However, XRentDVD continually works with the Postal Service to minimize delays and endeavors to get your DVDs to you as quickly as possible.
  • Premium Straight Titles are not included in the XRentDVD Premium Gay program. A straight title is generally considered to be Premium if it normally rents for $5 or more per week. However, XRentDVD may include such titles when there is an abundance of availability for the given title. When and if Premium Straight Titles are included is at XRentDVD's sole discretion.
  • Titles are shipped individually and cannot be combined in a single shipment.
  • Each disc in a Multi-Disc title will count against your total DVDs allowed out at a time but will only count as a single shipment in regards to a monthly shipment maximum. Click Here for more information on multi-disc titles.
  • Blu-Ray titles are not available on the XRentDVD Premium Gay program.
  • XRentDVD's standard Terms and Conditions also apply.



How does it work?
  1. Select the DVDs that you like and add them to your queue.
  2. We'll ship them to you absolutely FREE via first class mail.
  3. Most important! Make sure to enjoy them and keep them as long as you like.
  4. Then send them back and we'll automatically ship you the next title(s) on your list.
How are Adult DVD movies sent to me?

All adult DVDs are delivered in plain white packaging via first class mail with no shipping costs.

Who pays the postage to return adult rental DVDs?

We do! We provide a postage prepaid return mailer with every shipment. You will not incur any additional expenses when returning DVDs to X Rent DVD.

What sort of mailing envelope do you use? Will my letter carrier know that I'm renting adult DVD movies?

Your selections are sent in a plain white envelope for all rentals. The return address on the left-hand corner shows the company as "24-7 Internet, Inc.". There is no indication of what you're ordering or what is inside. Click HERE to see our discreet packaging.

What about multi-disc titles, how are they handled?

Adult movie titles which have multiple DVD discs will be shipped as a set. These count as a single shipment on plans with a maximum shipment limitation. However, each individual disc counts against the maxumum DVDs allowed out at any one time.

A title is created as a multi-disc when there are multiple discs in the package related to the title. We only include discs that are marked with the title name on them. We do not include discs that are not video contect (i.e. music) or other titles thrown in as an extra.

Do you have a secure server/connection? Is it safe to use my credit card over the internet?

Yes, we have a secure connection. Yes, it is safe to use your credit card with XRentDVD. We use Verisign as our SSL certificate issuer. If you click on the 'Verisign' graphic located on the left side of your screen, it will show our valid certificate ensuring that all personal information entered is encrypted.

I don't want anything showing that I'm renting adult DVDs. Will XRentDVD.com show up on my credit card statement?

For billing purposes, it will show up as "24-7 Internet Inc." only. Nothing will indicate what you're renting or what service we are providing.

How long has X Rent DVD been in business?

We opened for business in July of 1998. We started with a small inventory of 155 titles from mostly Vivid, VCA, Metro, and Digital Playground. Most other studios weren't quite ready to jump on the DVD bandwagon just yet. Over the years we have grown to an inventory of over 25,000 titles from over 300 adult studios.

What credit cards do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Are you sure that you don't resell my very highly top secret private confidential information to a mailing list?

Yes...we're very sure that we do NOT give out your very highly top secret private confidential information to a mailing list. We may occasionally send out an email with special offers and sales but this email will be for X Rent DVD services only. There will be no other third party involvement to ensure the privacy of our customers.

Is it hard to cancel my XRentDVD monthly plan?

No, not at all. Cancel at any time and have shipments continue for the remaining paid period. Then you'll have 10 days from the end of your billing month to get the discs back to us. Restart any time in the future with your queue in-tact.