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DVD-R has evolved and XRentDVD is now renting and selling DVD-Rs to our customers. Since XRentDVD first opened for business on the internet over 10 years ago, we have held a strict policy of not selling or renting any porn replicated on DVD-R. Times are changing and we have recently revisited this policy and will be making adult DVDs written on DVD-R available to our customers.

What is a DVD-R? How does it differ from a DVD?

DVD-R stands for Digital Versatile Disk - Recordable. So, basically it's a recordable DVD that can be "burned" using a DVD writer.

At first glance, a DVD-R looks like a regular DVD and in most players, plays like a DVD. The main difference is that DVD-Rs are not "pressed" like a regular DVD. The video and audio information is written or recorded to the DVD-R much like a video tape or audio cassette tape could be recorded upon. The data on a DVD-R is digitally transferred via a recordable device and typically have a purple hue instead of the normal silver color regular DVDs have.

Why did you not offer DVD-R in the past?

Simply stated, in the past DVD-Rs were of lower quality, many could not play in older DVD players and were suspicious of being pirated material. Because DVD-Rs could be replicated by taking original, copyrighted material and "burning" the information either via a computer or a writable DVD player, many DVD-R porn movies were pirated copies. Because most of the porn studios were utilizing pressed DVDs to distribute their movies, DVD-Rs were normally a red flag that this particular copy was potentially pirated and was not from the original studio. In addition to the potential of selling and renting pirated materials, early DVD-R discs did not produce the same picture and audio quality as regular DVDs. Lastly, many of the older DVD players couldn't read the information placed on a DVD-R and would not play the disc.

So why the change? Why do you offer DVD-Rs now?

DVD-R technology has advanced to the point where some of the major porn studios are choosing to replicate and distribute their movies exclusively on DVD-R. We want to offer our customers the widest variety of porn on the internet, and discontinuing these studios based on their choice to use DVD-R was a simple case of needing to reevaluate our strict "no DVD-R" policy. After thorough investigation we were able to find the picture and audio quality of DVD-Rs have greatly improved. Not to mention that most of the newer DVD players that can play DVD-Rs. We now have a process that lets us know if a DVD-R comes directly from the manufacturer and is not a pirated copy. We do all the work so you don't have to worry about the authenticity of the product. And since there's almost no difference between a DVD copy and a DVD-R copy, it was a no-brainer to start allowing them on our site.

Is there any benefit from watching my movies on DVD or DVD-R?

As long as you have a DVD player that allows DVD-Rs, there is really no added benefit to viewing either disk.

What if my player won't play DVD-Rs? How can I tell the difference?

There are a couple of ways to avoid being sent a DVD-R. The easiest way to do it is to filter it from a search. Whenever you click on a list (Categories, Studios, Cast, etc...), if you click "more" underneath Category in the drill bar and there are DVD-Rs in the list, you'll see DVDR as a category. Just click the [-] next to DVDR and that will exclude all DVD-Rs from your list. If you're on a product page, you must look for the DVD-R logo in the icon bar next to the cover image. If it shows a DVD or Blu-Ray logo, that particular title is not offered in DVD-R. If there's a DVD-R logo, then the disk may or may not be a DVD-R.