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The New Standard in High Definition

Since man first started scratching images on cave walls, he's had two things on his mind... food and pussy. We've come a long way since then. With the new revolution in HDTVs: LCDs, Plasma, DLP, Rear Projection, LEDs, etc... it's obvious we're not only looking for the biggest picture, but the best possible picture.

For the longest time DVDs were the king in removable media and nothing else compared. Now the new bad boy has come into town and his name is Blu-Ray. With up to 1080p resolution, adult Blu-Ray Discs allow you to see these gorgeous girls with such clarity that you'll practically cum in your pants before they get naked. Don't get left out. It's time to get on the Blu-Ray porn bandwagon!
First you might ask, "What the hell is Blu-Ray?"
To explain it briefly, it's basically DVD's bigger, smarter, stronger and faster brother. A Blu-Ray disc looks like a DVD and plays like a DVD but that's where the similarities end. If you own an HDTV or have drooled over them in the electronics store, you know the value and allure of high definition. Simply stated, Blu-Ray Discs deliver better image quality, better sound quality and more special features when compared to standard DVDs.
So what's the big deal about Blu-Ray Discs? What makes them so much better?
Forgive us for explaining this in technical terms, but it's worth it to understand this. The reason the picture quality of Blu-Ray is so much better is because it is output in 1080p. Standard DVDs output at 480i. That might sound like a bunch of gibberish, but it's crucial in understanding the way HDTVs work. In a nutshell, the "1080" and the "480" represents the number of vertical resolution lines that appear on your TV screen. The more you have, the more clear your picture will be. The "p" stands for "Progressive Scan" and the "i" stands for "Interlaced". These are the two ways in which the image can be displayed on your television screen.
"Interlaced" means that the odd lines and even lines of each frame of the movie are laid out on your screen alternatively. That means the rows of pixels run from the top to the bottom of the screen with the odd fields displayed first and the even fields displayed second. Together, both fields create a full frame, made up of all pixel rows every 30th of a second. While most of the time it is undetectable to the naked eye, it can sometimes cause flicker and display a fuzzy image on HDTVs, especially when displaying fast moving action. This was optimal when using the "CRT" style television sets or projection TVs, but is not the best format for HDTVs. "Progressive Scan" means that each full frame of the movie is painted on the screen in sequence. Basically, an invisible squeegee comes through and lays the new image right on top of the old one each time the frame changes. This creates an impeccably sharp image that comes out crisp and clear with no flicker and fuzziness.
With such incredible resolution, your movies will display amazingly clear. If you enjoy high definition from your cable or satelite provider, Blu-Ray Discs provide a picture that is better than that. Blu-Ray Discs also offer incredible, uncompressed sound quality. The kind you only get when you go into a movie theater and sit between many rows of giant speakers. The audio you hear on Blu-Ray Disc is the same audio the director and audio engineers heard when editing the movie.
More benefits of Blu-Ray are the special features. Blu-Ray supports an on-screen menu that allows you to quickly navigate the disc's additional features without stopping the movie. If you wanted to add subtitles to your movie or add the director's commentary, you don't have to stop the movie, change your options and then try to find where you left off. It's all right there at the touch of a button on your remote.
Wow, that's awesome! So can I play a Blu-Ray disc in my standard DVD player?
Unfortunately, no. If you place a Blu-Ray Disc into a regular DVD player it will not play. The good news is that Blu-Ray players are becoming more and more affordable every day. And if you're a gamer, the Sony PlayStation 3 gaming console is fully Blu-Ray Disc compatible. Even better news is that Blu-Ray players are "backwards compatible". That means Blu-Ray players will not only play your Blu-Ray porn, they will also play your old DVDs as well, upscaled to 1080i. Now you can watch crisp, clear, high definition porn without throwing your trusty ol' copy of Jane Bond Meets Thunderballs or Load Warriors in the trash.
So, what's the deal with HD-DVD? Is it the same as Blu-Ray?
No. HD-DVD and Blu-Ray were the two high definition formats battling for superiority in the high definition market. Blu-Ray was declared the winner after Warner Brothers in 2008 stated it would only exclusively distribute its films in high definition in the Blu-Ray format. Many of the major Hollywood studios followed suit. Since then all of the major Hollywood studios along with all the studios of the porn industry have aligned themselves with Blu-Ray Disc and no longer distribute movies in the HD-DVD format. If you want to view adult movies in a high definition format, you need to rent or buy Blu-Ray discs.

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